COCHILCO is a highly specialized technical body created in 1976, which advises the Government in office on matters related to the production of copper and its by-products, in addition to all metallic and non-metallic mineral substances, except for coal and hydrocarbons.

Its contribution to the project corresponds to 24 million Chilean pesos, corresponding to 13.18% of the project’s budget

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Agency of the Government of Chile, dependent on the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, in charge of supporting entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness in the country along with strengthening human capital and technological capabilities.

Its main objective is to promote a society with more and better opportunities for all and to contribute to the economic development of the country.

Their participation in the project is given by their contribution of 90 million Chilean pesos, corresponding to 49.86% of the project’s budget.

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Our technical committee is made up of professionals representing various mining sectors


Production Promotion Corporation

Cochilco (Tenderer)

Chilean Copper Commission


Alta Ley Corporation

Asociados formales

Mining Commission

Qualifying Commission for Competencies in Mining Resources and Reserves


National Mining Society


Trade Association of companies for Innovation and Exploitation of knowledge-intensive products, supplies and/or services for the mining and industrial sector.


Mining Ministry


National Geology and Mining Service

3B Tech

Consulting services regarding people, projects and businesses

Technical Committee Team

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