Molymet will support small and medium miners in processing molybdenum

The process will be carried out through a licensing agreement, contemplating technical support and a purchase agreement.

The Chilean company and the world’s largest moly producer, Molymet, held a seminar to publicize its support to small and medium-sized miners in the processing of this mineral. From the company they stated that their approach to medium and small mining began through consultations by that segment on the technical recovery of molybdenum processing, especially in the time of high value of said mineral, between 2004 and 2008, above $20 a pound and even $30 a pound.

In 2017, Molymet assembled a multidisciplinary team to address the issue, developing in 2018 an initiative to recover molybdenum from the mineral, buying concentrates from small and medium-sized mining. A year later, the company entrusted DGA1000 with the activities to obtain information, carrying out a cadastre of the segment of small and medium-sized miners with molybdenum potential. According to the study, the presence with good potential of this mineral extends from the Arica and Parinacota Region to the O’Higgins Region.

“The fact that we have a mining map and contact with people, we believe that it is not enough when it comes to specifying and being successful in this project. Our role – in addition to being a buyer – should be that of a business articulator, of bringing together potential candidates so that you yourselves can become a buyer or a part of the process”, commented Market Development executive manager, Mario Lama.

According to the executive of the company, the value proposition will be carried out in two ways: providing knowledge in the molybdenum recovery process -mainly the flotation process-, and by optimizing the traditional business, with improved valuation. of molybdenum and copper concentrates.

Lama pointed out that a technology licensing is established, which includes a confidentiality agreement where Molymet will deliver its knowledge of industrial processes, through which molybdenum is obtained with commercial laws to be acquired. In addition, the contract establishes a commitment to purchase the concentrate of said molybdenum. In case of not reaching an agreement, a royalty can be defined so that this company can offer and sell to third parties.

At least 1 kg of molybdenum concentrate will be required as a sample to provide a reference value and the evaluations will be carried out at the Nos branch or at Mejillones, depending on the proximity to the respective plant.
Source: Chilean Mining.